100th Anniversaries – Cheerwine (NC) and Duke’s Mayonnaise (SC)

2017 is the 100th Anniversary for two popular Carolina-born products.

Duke Mayonnaise
Eugenia Thomas Duke began making sandwiches in 1917 for Greenville, South Carolina area textile mills and soldiers at nearby Camp Sevier during WWI.  Her sandwiches, featuring homemade spreads, became a huge hit.

A few years later, she began selling her most popular spread, homemade mayonnaise, in jars. Made with oil, egg yolks, cider vinegar, and spices, the mayonnaise was sold throughout the region.

Read more about Duke’s in an article by Emily Wallace

The Duke Sandwich Company, located in Greenville, SC,  is based on Eugenia’s sandwich spread recipes.

Cheerwine was created in 1917 by L D Peeler in Salisbury, North Carolina.  The soft drink was made without sugar and featured a hint of cherry, a new concept in colas at the time.

Cheerwine is still a family owned business.