A really easy option for viewing maps offline..

Williams Brice StadiumGoogle and some other providers allow smartphone users to download a portion of a map for viewing while offline or when outside a service area.

However, occasionally there simply isn’t time to download a map, particularly when traveling and finding an unexpected dead zone or spotty signal from your carrier.  In my area, this mostly occurs in the mountainous areas just across the North Carolina state line.

In those cases, the simplest solution is to take a screenshot of the map you are viewing.  In other words, turn the map into a photo that you can view offline.

Obviously, the photo won’t update as you travel or show your current location.

If you can read a map, it should be relatively easy to find your destination using the photo.  After all, it’s really no different than using one of those old paper maps that were three feet wide, with small print, and that never, ever, folded back correctly….

iPhone Screenshots
Display anything you want to snap on your iPhone 6 screen
Simply press the “Home” button and the “Sleep/Wake” button at the same time.
Once a screenshot is captured, it will be automatically saved to your iPhone Camera Roll.

Android Screenshots
Varies according to manufacturer/software.  Refer to your instructions or search for solution on internet.