Cosplay Parade Requests – NC & SC

Occasionally I receive a request from a Carolina-based organizer asking if any cosplayers are interested in appearing in a parade.

I try to forward these requests to someone in the area that I know or believe can help.

I have decided to add a page to my website (& create a FB group) to promote NC & SC parades that encourage or invite cosplay participants and/or floats.

Parades are a natural opportunity for the cosplay community to showcase their characters and costumes.

In cases where participants are required to pay an entrance fee, local comic book stores and related businesses or organizations
would probably leap at the chance to sponsor a cosplay parade group and reap the benefits of low cost advertising.

I’ll get started on the new page and perhaps, with your help, we can make cosplay a regular attraction in North Carolina and
South Carolina parades.

Vader at Dragoncon 2010

(Photo – By Mike (Flickr: DSC_0751) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Comments or suggestions?