Criminal Records Online – South Carolina

The South Carolina Judicial Department website offers a multitude of information resources, including Supreme Court opinions, Court Forms and Procedures, online payment system for some fines, and criminal records.

The online criminal records are a popular feature, available for free viewing by the general public.

South Carolina Courts

It should be noted from the beginning that these records are not all-inclusive.  The database primarily consists of general criminal cases, including traffic, plus civil cases.  They are searchable by county, not statewide.  Probate and juvenile court records are not included, nor are arrests or convictions from out of state or federal courts.  It is my understanding that municipal court records may not be available from some of the smaller jurisdictions.   In addition, some records may be incomplete, or inaccurate, therefore these are not considered official records.  They are provided as a reference tool and starting point for further research.  All official records are maintained at the county and municipal level, and by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

To search for records, navigate to the Trial Courts tab, then click on Case Records Search.  Here you will find a graphic of the state, divided by county.  Simply click on a county name to begin the process.

The direct link to the Case Records Search page is here.

SC Court Records Search

The entire South Carolina Judicial website is a tremendous resource for court records and information.  However, official records and information should be obtained and/or confirmed by a local Clerk of Court office, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), or the South Carolina Judicial Department offices in Columbia, South Carolina.

(The North Carolina system does not appear to have as many features.
That system can be found here)