Do you need a $100+ printer? Probably not…

Visit almost any office supply website or store and you’ll find printers available in a wide price range.

If you are an average home user, and rarely print documents everyday, it may be a waste of money to purchase a high end or even moderately priced printer.

I recently visited a popular electprintersronics website and found over 1,000 printers listed for sale.  Almost fifty of them were priced at or under $100.00, and very acceptable for a typical home user.

Many of the lower priced inkjet and laser models have features found on the more expensive ones.  Options like Wi-Fi , color or black and white copies, automatic document feeders, scanners, and memory card readers.

Think about it.  You can buy a $500 printer that may last three years.  Or, you can buy a printer for less than $100 and replace it every year or so.  At $100, that equates to about 27 cents per day of cost over a year (not including ink or toner).  You’ll also find that it can sometimes be difficult to find ink or toner for older models.  By keeping a more current model, your search for supplies is often much easier.

Personally, I use Brother and HP brands, simply because I’ve had good service from both over the years.  But you should also consider Lexmark, Dell, Canon, and Epson, just to name a few.

You may discover, after considering all your options, that a less expensive model will work just fine for your needs.