Do you need multiple web browsers? Yes, you do…

After installing Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, I began my usual daily routine, one of which is checking for genealogy updates on Ancestry.  I was disappointed, but not entirely surprised, to see the following alert.  Since Microsoft Edge is a new product, built differently from Internet Explorer, this event was to be expected on some websites.

Ancestry - Not Edge

Internet Explorer, and now Edge, have always had difficulty in properly displaying some websites.  As a result, many moderate and heavy internet users have installed additional web browsers as either an alternative, or replacement, for Internet Explorer.

Currently, the three most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer (replaced by Edge), Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.  There are dozens more browsers in existence, some designed for specialized tasks.  (More information here)

Each has its own positive attributes, such as the ability to Chromecast with Google Chrome.  But they also share many standard and popular tools, including favorite lists, save passwords, zoom, print, etc.

The big three, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, can be easily downloaded and used on most standard PC’s.  There are also versions for tablets and/or smartphones.

I use all three on a regular basis, primarily to keep my work and personal tasks separate.  If I were to save all of my favorite websites, for both work and personal use, on one browser, the list would be long and difficult to manage.  By saving work favorites on one browser, and personal favorites on another, I can keep the lists short and easy to use.  In addition, I know from experience that some of the websites I regularly visit don’t display well on one browser, but do on another.

And if I have two browsers open on different screens, say Chrome and Firefox, and one of them freezes, I usually don’t lose the work I’m performing on the other, as I would if I were only using one browser with several tabs open.

Sometimes web browsers have unexpected security flaws or for whatever reason, just don’t work properly.  Having other options available on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone just makes sense…and brings you one step closer to being a nerd.


Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox