Ervin Genealogy Resources

Common alternate spellings – Arwine, Ervin, Erwin, Erwine, Irvin, Irvine, Irving, Irwin, Urwin, et al.

Warning: some of these family history publications may contain errors, omissions, and conflicting information. Conduct your own due diligence.

Books / Documents in the Public Domain – click here to view & download

  • Brief Account of the Irvine Family, County Fermanagh, 1828
  • Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary Vol 1, by Burke (pgs 636-639), 1847
  • History of The Commoners Vol II, by Burke, (pgs 680-684), 1836
  • History of the McDowells, Erwins, Irwins, by McDowell, 1918
  • Irvine Society of America, 1919
  • Irvines and Their Kin, by Boyd, 1893
  • Irvines and Their Kin, Revised, by Boyd, 1908
  • Irvines of Drum, by Leslie, 1909
  • Irvines of Drum in the County of Aberdeen, by Wimberley, 1893
  • Irwin Lineage – Genealogical Collection, 1929
  • James Irving of Ironshore, by Irving, 1918
  • Memories of Four Old Families, by Wimberley, (Irvine pages only), 1894
  • Paull-Irwin A Family Sketch, by Paull, (pgs 175-188), 1915
  • The Scottish Nation Vol II, by Anderson (pgs 537-544), 1867

Contemporary Books and Documents – Click here to view and download
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  • Erwin of North Carolina & Tennessee (not sourced)
  • Family Records and Memories, by Lou Irwin, 1930’s
  • Floyd-Ervin Family of Lancaster County, South Carolina (pgs 83-110), Floyd, 1963
  • From Whence They Came, by J Erwin Kemsley, 1980’s
  • History of the Claggett – Irvine Clans, by Chambers (Irvine begins page 65), 1940
  • Irvine Story (Pennsylvania), by Wainwright, 1964
  • Irwin Family in New York, by Irwin, 1938
  • James Robert Ervin (Bio) of Cheraw, SC, author unknown
  • Mathew Erwin/Irwin, York Co. S.C. Historical Society (13 pages) 1989-90
  • Our Ervin Clan, by Phillips, 1997

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