Facebook For Journalists Certificate – Quick review

Earlier today, Facebook announced the launch of the Facebook for Journalists Certificate

Today, we are launching the Facebook for Journalists Certificate, a three-course curriculum designed by the Poynter Institute and Facebook. With these free online courses, Facebook and Poynter seek to make it easier for journalists to utilize Facebook and Instagram in their daily work — from newsgathering to storytelling to engaging with their followers.

It is important to note that this course does not teach journalism nor designate anyone a journalist by virtue of completing the training.  The intent is to teach journalists how to utilize Facebook and its various tools, including Instagram, in the course of their work.

I completed the timed course in just over an hour earlier this evening.  The lessons consisted of reading Facebook guidelines and technical data, watching videos, and reviewing various linked materials. The subjects covered included 360 photos and videos, live broadcasts, and the use of specialized tools named Signal and CrowdTangle.

I have to admit, even with my years of experience using Facebook and its associated tools, it would not have been possible to pass the final exam without completing the course materials. There was a great deal of information included in the lessons about specialized programs that I was not aware of.

Fortunately, I was able to achieve a passing score of 89%, missing three of the 28 questions.

As a nerd, I found the content interesting.  However, I suspect that only journalists who are similarly inclined will enjoy the course.

Facebook Journalists Certficate