Facebook: ‘Pages Feed’ link missing from FB Pages

Update Jan 4, 2019 – If the solution below doesn’t work for, I’ve posted information on a second option. Read it here…

Like many of you, I maintain a Facebook Page. Mine is The Carolina Nerd.

Facebook allows Pages to like and follow other Pages of interest. Page owners can view updates and posts from the liked Pages by clicking on a link displayed in the right column of their own Facebook Page.

Pages Feed link on Facebook Pages

At least, that was the case until several days ago. The link is now missing from my page, and according to social media posts, from other pages as well. There has been no official word from Facebook as to whether this is by accident or design.

There is a work around, however, that works as of Dec 22nd, 2018.

Simply type the following URL into your browser and access the page directly.

(Replace “yourpagename” with the name of your page.)

If you successfully enter the URL, you should be able to view the news feed from your liked Pages.

I’ll update this post if Facebook issues a statement about the issue.

6 thoughts on “Facebook: ‘Pages Feed’ link missing from FB Pages”

  1. You are my hero! I maintain our city and police pages and count on the pages feed to interconnect with other local agencies and non profits. I’ve missed the pages feed! Thank you for the work around!

  2. Thanks for posting abou this. The workaround link worked for a bit but doesn’t anymore for me. Have you found any other way to access the feed?? Thanks! Steph

    1. I posted a second option in an updated post. It requires a little more work, but it may meet the needs of some users.
      David – The Carolina Nerd

  3. Thank you so very much for this, I have been searching for a solution for weeks!!!!

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