Facebook: ‘See Pages Feed’ link missing…(Solution 2)

In my initial post about the “Pages Feed” missing from Facebook Pages, I offered a solution that worked, albeit not for everyone. I have discovered a second option for Pages Feeds. It takes a little work to set up, but may be worth it in some cases.

This option uses the ‘Friend List‘ found on the left side menu of your desktop Facebook page.

Disclaimer: This option works as of Jan 4, 2019. Facebook may make changes in the future that break this workaround.

Using Facebook Desktop…Locate and click on the “Friend Lists” normally shown in your left side menu 

Using Friend Lists to create a news feed.

The next screen should display any lists you created, (or Facebook automatically created for you). Click on ‘Create List’ near the top middle of the page.

Create a new friend lists for pages.

Create a new list for pages you wish to view in a feed. In this example, I created a list for Comic Con pages I have previously liked. Don’t add any members or friends to the list at this point. Enter only the name and click create.

Create new empty list.

You should now see the new list displayed along with any other lists you already have. Click on the name of the newly created list, and at the top of the page on the right, click on Manage List, and then Edit List. A new popup window should display. Now click on Pages.

Add pages you have liked to the new list.

Now you should be able to view a list of pages that you have previously liked. Click on the pages you want added to this list. Then click finish.

Like pages are displayed. New list completed when Finish is pressed.

Your list feed is now ready for viewing. However, it appears as though the new list does not display posts from before you created it. In my case, once the pages I added to the new comic con list began posting updates, the new list began displaying those posts.

I have successfully created three lists, each designed to display page feeds for specific pages. So far, they seem to be working well.

Hope this helps.

Jan 4, 2019
The Carolina Nerd