Library of Congress – Their website is priceless…

U.S. Taxpayers contribute over half a million dollars annually for the Library of Congress.

But what we get in return is probably priceless.

Visiting the Library is a tremendously satisfying experience.  However, if you can’t visit in person, then by all means visit their website.

Library of Congress

If I tried to tell you about everything the Library has to offer online, my efforts would not do it justice.

Films, music, speeches, historical documents, photos, and more are available for free via

On a recent visit to LOC online, I found a speech given by one of my favorite sci-fi authors, Isaac Asimov.  Here is a four minute excerpt:

This is just one small example of the rich content available to everyone.

Visit the LOC website.  Encourage children and teens to do the same.  This is too valuable a resource to waste.