Photo Books – preserve memories in print…

photobooks walgreens

Photo books are an affordable option for telling a story in print, or simply preserving photographic memories.

Photo books (or printed photo albums) have quickly become a popular old-school choice in our digital world. There is something satisfying about viewing photos in a printed album versus viewing them on a computer screen.

I recently ordered some photo books from Walgreens for a special project.  It was fairly easy to design and compile the albums using Walgreens online ordering system.  The photo books were ready in less than a day and I picked them up at a local store.  The quality of the printing was exceptional and much better than I had expected.

If you decide to create a photo book, you’ll need to spend some time checking out the various vendor websites to determine which is easiest for you to use.  Some websites are simpler and less confusing to use than others.  Pricing is not that different among competitors, with many offering discounts throughout the year.  If you sign up for the companies emails or newsletters, you’ll often receive additional discount coupons.

Here is my suggested list of websites to consider for your photo books…

Remember that the quality of the printing is dependent on the quality of the photos used to create the photo book.  Always try to utilize high-resolution photos.  Most of the online systems will warn you if your photographs are of poor resolution.  Some vendors also offer a variety of photo editing tools, including adding text, seasonal or special event backgrounds, and suggested layouts.

Lastly, I would suggest creating a simple book on your first try.  Once you’ve mastered the process, creating photos books will become a favorite way to preserve memories.