Fact Checking Policy

The Carolina Nerd provides news and information on a variety of topics, including science fiction, cosplay and comic cons, science, and technology.

Articles and stories on this website are generally authored by The Carolina Nerd, with an occasional guest post from a known contributor.

In all cases, The Carolina Nerd utilizes various resources to confirm the information contained in an article, story, or post. These include:

  • Government Agencies – i.e. Library of Congress, Congressional Record, C-SPAN, NASA, PBS, and similar government institutions.
  • National non-profits – i.e. Internet archive, Smithsonian Institution
  • National and local news organizations – i.e. CNN, Fox, BBC, Associated Press
  • Local and statewide non-profit groups
  • Individuals of notable character, education, and reputation
  • Professional fact-checking organizations.

Articles and posts found to contain erroneous or incorrect information will be clarified, corrected, or removed by The Carolina Nerd.

Adopted August 1, 2020