Software Installation Options – Review them, always…

A geek rule everyone should follow:  Always review software installation options when offered.

Lets look at the three screens recently presented while updating RealTimes (aka Real Player) software, a program I regularly use.

Screen One – A standard introduction screen offering to update my software (you will see these more often as programs are updated for Windows 10)


Notice the “Options” choice on the left bottom corner, which alerts me to choices concerning the installation.

Upon clicking options, I get this second screen.


The first option, install location, is standard, and acceptable. Check.

The second option, download videos with one click, is one I use from time to time, so I check it as well.

The third option, Make RealTimes my preferred media viewer, is not one I would choose, as there are other programs I prefer, so Uncheck.

After clicking next, the third screen appears.


On this screen, I am offered the ability to download additional software and/or a toolbar, change my default search provider, and change my home screen.

NONE of these are acceptable to me, so I uncheck this option.  I don’t need, nor do I want, these programs making changes to my computer.  I have it set up just the way I like it.

If I had not chosen to review these options on the first screen, this additional software would have been loaded onto my computer by default, along with the various changes displayed on this third screen.  After installation, I would have had to uninstall this extra, unwanted software, and correct the changes it made to my computer.  That’s not acceptable.

Unfortunately, many users fail to review these options, and end up with tons of added and unwanted software or toolbars that will noticeable slow down their computer, cause conflicts with other programs, or install spyware and malware.  In most cases, these additional software options are simply not needed.

Always, and I mean always, review options while installing new software or updates. If you are not convinced of the need for these additional options during an installation, don’t accept or install them.  They can always be added at a later time.